To build a house is a lot of work, time, and a bit agonizing. The experience we had with Rachael will forever change the way we feel about the process of building. She was professional, knowledgeable, informative, and experienced in every step of the way. She kept us on a tight timeline and we felt accomplished every step of the way. Her creative eye and confident stance helped us produce our dream home. She has a warm persona and an enthusiastic attitude towards anything she works at. She is very talented and we felt grateful to have her through the process. Thank you Rachael!!!
— Nick & Kookie Desai
Having worked with Rachael for over three years now, it has become clear that she is one of the very few that is easy to do business with. Rarely have I met someone in her segment that has such a strong background, not only architecturally, but also with the construction process. Rachael’s evident passion for client satisfaction and the best result are second-to-none. Throughout the collaboration process she always remains open to suggestions, making it an absolute joy and something that I look forward to on every project!
— Patrick Dinneen, LevelOne Design Studio
I’m a working mom with three small children so my time is limited. I knew I wanted to re-model our kitchen and living room area, and I had an idea of what I looking for, but I didn’t have the time, experience or energy to get it done, so I asked Rachael if she could assist.

I told Rachael, “here’s our budget, I’d like a white kitchen, please.” She took these very short directives and put together a plan that covered all details I wouldn’t even know to consider. She provided me with a detailed timeline of what we could expect from start to finish. She showed me a small number of samples from which I could choose, making the selection process easy and eliminating the sense of feeling overwhelmed, and equally as important, it all fit within our budget.

Rachael was present at our home to oversee the installation and to supervise the project, which was a great time-saver for us.

Rachael did it all - and to top it off - she performs her job with a friendly and warm disposition making her an absolute delight to work with.
— Niki Park
I worked with Rachael with the design selections for my new house. I had never done that before so I did not know what to expect. Rachael made everything go very smoothly. I loved the stores she took me to, they had a range of styles for me to choose from. When we were done, she gave me a beautiful, very professional binder, with all the selections we had made. I highly recommend her services.
— Silvana Martins
“I had the pleasure of meeting Rachael through the process of building our house. She is a woman of integrity, impeccable taste, and experience.

She helped me in the selection of cabinets, counter tops, hardwood floors, exterior stone, tile, lighting fixtures and furniture. Our home turned out beautifully due to Rachael’s abilities. She is not only a talented designer but she is one of the nicest people I’ve ever met. Thanks again Rachael!”
— Carolyn Maya Sullivan
When my husband and I decided to renovate our kitchen, we knew that we would need guidance via a designer to truly transform the space. Rachael gave us inspiration. She quickly saw our vision and was able to bring our style to life. Finding the balance between design and family friendly can be difficult; Rachael made it seem effortless. We are very happy with the transformation.
— Vivian and Daniel Padilla