Looking for ways to improve or enhance your home, but don't know where to start?

Solutions include:

  1. Create curb appeal to help sell your home 

  2. Increase value of your recently purchased or existing home 

  3. Transform a fixer upper

  4. Remodels/Additions


Working alongside the homeowner and builder to help visualize and gather all of the details for the new home.
  1. Overall exterior and interior design selections through:

    • Teaming with the client/homeowner direct (i.e. schedule showroom visits, presentations, spec book, monthly budget reviews, etc.)

    • Working direct with the builder and client/homeowner; Coordinating all construction lead times to the GC to ensure a seamless project

    • Collaborating with the architect (ensuring the exterior materials/design flows and connects with the interiors)

    • Partnering with clients/homeowners to help select finishes, paint colors and schematic designs; 

    • Integrating designs into 2D and 3D renderings 

Deliverables include:
  • Specification Book (which includes all selections - exterior, interior or both)
  • Estimates for all Selections/Finishes
  • Additional Drawings/Sketches
  • Flooring Layout
  • Paint Schedule
  • Allowances Spreadsheet (allowance + actual)


  • Paint Selections

  • Landscape Ideas

  • Shutters (if applicable)

  • Tile or Paver Selections

  • Roof Selection

  • Trimwork (pergolas, railings, trellis, columns, etc.)

  • Lighting Selections

  • Decor (house numbers, planters, window boxes, etc.)

  • Stone or Brick Selections


  • Floor Layouts 

  • Demo (if necessary)

  • Furniture Selections

  • Furniture Layouts

  • Shopping

  • Staging

  • Paint Selections

  • Flooring Selections

  • Plumbing Selections

  • Lighting Selections

  • Stair Design

  • Ceiling Details (beams, tray, tongue & groove, etc.)

  • Interior Drawings/Sketches